We know You and Your Market

before we know the Law.


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Our corporate and commercial services are built around the idea of SOLUTIONS. This entails understanding:
• our clients’ industry and the market for their products/services; and
• the economic dynamics underpinning their participation in the industry/market through a value configuration analysis.

It is based on the understanding of the foregoing that we apply our legal and general industry governance knowledge to the transaction or project.

Broadly speaking, our services in this area encompass business set-up and various phases of financing (VC/PE, Private Placement, Debt and various Hybrids, M&A, Public Offer, etc) as well as business alliances including Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Strategic Collaborations.

Our Solutions also entail corporate restructuring. This may be in pursuit of growth and opportunities, including corporate group structuring (subsidiarisations, conglomerations and simplifications), mergers, demergers, etc. Otherwise, it may be in the context of insolvency, stretching from informal procedures such as contractual workout, interventionist takeover and collaborative schemes, to an orderly winding-up.

Besides financing and corporate structuring services, we also attend to the operational contracts of our clients where our market and industry knowledge are at the most use.


Our dispute-related services include all manners of ADR and litigation. Besides, we assist clients in assessment of various options and guide them through the initial twilight zones in which dispute may be avoided through deft negotiations, while keeping an eye on securing a good position in any eventuality


Our institutionalisation services are carried on through The Lodt Advisement, a firm providing advisory services in Governance and Sustainability.